Tree species available for adoption

1. Neem

Most parts of the tree are credited with medicinal value.

2. Bael

Much preferred summer drink is made of the fruit, the seeds are encased in a strong-smelling pulp. Tree with great medicinal value, also considered sacred.

3. Mango

Fruit is widely eaten

4. Mahua

Arguably the most valuable of Indian trees. The flower is eaten raw, the seeds yield ‘mahua butter’.

5. Amla

It's fruits are the richest known source for Vitamin C in nature and is used to treat an amazing range of complaints relating especially to gastrointestinal problems.

6. Jamun

Fruit has lots of medicinal values and good to eat too!

7. Imli

Its tart fruit is used in curies, chutneys, jams and sauces. High in Vitamin C, tartaric, malic and citric acids.

8. Nimbo

Has a number of health benefits and is used to cure some common ailments as well

9. Kachnar

The leaves are a good fodder, the flowers and especially the buds are eaten as a vegetable.

10. Amaltas

Much sought after and widely cultivated for its arrestingly beautiful, drooping sprays of bright-yellow flowers. The bark is used as a tan and yields a red dye.

11. Putranjiva

Makes one of the best clipped evergreen hedges of all Indian plants. Used in traditional medicines, the leaves are used to make good cattle fodder.

12. Peepal

The root bark is one of the five barks most valued by ancient Indian physicians. The juice of the bark is used as a mouthwash, and for curing of toothache and weak gums.

*uses of trees information compiled from book titled ‘Trees of Delhi’ a field guide by Pradip Krishen

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