How to Plant a Sapling

“Plants are like people. When they get proper nutrition, they look happy and healthy. But if they look dry and withered, they may need more care.” - Vishweshwar, Gardener, WWF-India

  1. Register and collect saplings - here’s a list of places you can collect saplings from.
  2. Select an area where you would plant the sapling – try to choose an open area that is easily accessible and near you – this way you would be able to watch over the little sapling, helping it grow into a tree! This area should be away from building sites and other kinds of obstructions.
  3. Dig out - dig a deep and wide pit in the ground, two to three times the size of the root ball of the sapling.
  4. Plant the sapling - gently remove the plastic wrapping/shield from the root ball and place the plant gently into the center of the pit. Be careful not to drop the plant!
  5. Fill the pit with soil - once the sapling is in place, hold it firmly with one hand and gently but evenly fill the pit with soil.
  6. Water the sapling - once the pit is covered, pour some water to moisten the soil. Make sure the top soil is neither too dry nor too wet!
  7. Feed your plant - regularly water the plant, provide manure when need be and weed out unwanted growth whenever you notice it.

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