Tree species available for adoption

1. Dadu (anar)

It has a myriad of health and skin benefits, and serves as a widely eaten fruit as well!

2. Kachnaar

The leaves make for good fodder. Its flowers and buds are eaten as vegetables.

3. Bamboo

A plant with a variety of uses, it’s used for construction, medicinal purposes, making clothes and accessories and health benefits.

4. Robinia

It has various medicinhal benefits.

5. Reetha

It has various medicinal and health benefits, and its dried fruit is also used as shampoo and detergents.

6. Silver Oak

7. Devdaar

It is used as astringent and has many antifungal and insect repellent properties, which makes it very useful.

8. Shahtoot

It is credited with many medicinal benefits.

*uses of trees information compiled from book titled ‘Trees of Delhi’ a field guide by Pradip Krishen

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