Tree species available for adoption

1. Neem

Most parts of the tree are credited with me dicinal value.

2. Peepal– Sacred Fig

The root- bark is one of the five barks most valued by ancient Indian physicians. The juice of the bark is used as a mouthwash, for curing toothache and weak gums.

3. Banyan Tree

Each part of the banyan tree is used for various medicinal purposes.

4. Imli(Tamarind)

Its tart fruit is used in curies, chutneys, jams and sauces. High in Vitamin C, tartaric, malic and citric acids.

5. Mahuda

Arguably the most valuable of Indian trees. The flower is eaten raw, the seeds yield ‘mahua butter’.

6. Ber

It makes a nutritious fodder for cattle and are also gathered to feed silkworms.

7. Arjuna

The bark and leaves have astringent and purgative properties. Used to add ornamental value.

8. Kesudo - Flame of Forest (Butea monosperma)

It has various medicinal uses and benefits.

9. Shimlo – Red Silk Cotton (Bombax ceiba)

10. Asopalav – Mast Tree (Polyalthia longifolia)

11. Borsali – Bulletwood Tree (Mimusops elengi)

12. Setoor – Mulberry (Morus alba)

14. Piplo – Sacred Fig (Ficus religiosa)

15. Saragvo - Drumstick Tree (Moringa oleifera)

16. Jamun

Fruit has lots of medicinal values and good to eat too!

*uses of trees information compiled from book titled ‘Trees of Delhi’ a field guide by Pradip Krishen

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