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The first ever Global Tiger Day, celebrated at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010 got people talking about tigers – about how they need our protection, how tiger habitats need to be expanded and how more people need to talk about these magnificent animals to support their conservation.

1 Talking about tigers

This year too, on Global Tiger Day, we’re asking you to join the conversation – and to share your first tiger sighting using #MyTigerStory

The more we talk about tigers, the more we can convince leaders of tiger range countries to take greater steps to protect them.

Tigers are not just a powerful cultural symbol - their conservation has much wider implications for the survival of many other species found within their habitat and range.

Dr. Joseph Vattakaven

Dr. Joseph Vattakaven

Species and Landscapes, WWF-India

Here we are

2 What WWF-India does for tigers

WWF-India works towards protecting tigers and their prey base, while restoring and maintaining tiger habitats in India.

For over three decades now, WWF-India has engaged with various stakeholders, including local communities, the Forest Department, other government agencies, school children and civil society, trying to find ways to lend support to the conservation of tigers in the wild.


3 Join the conversation

Ever seen a tiger in the wild?
Tell us and the world about your first tiger sighting! Share your experience video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and tag it #MyTigerStory and #iprotecttigers

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