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Did you know – globally, the world is losing 18.7 million acres of forests every year – equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute! This loss is driven by demand for forest related products like timber, pulp, paper and rubber, as well as clearing forests for soyabean and palm oil plantations. Our needs for these products is only expected to grow along with accelerated economic development and increase in population.

The time has come that we meet our needs in a responsible way, while also ensuring that we protect, conserve and restore our forests – for the benefit of people, wildlife and millions of communities who depend on them. You can help change the story of our vanishing forests by supporting FSC certification. Everyone – from a forest owner, to manufacturer, brand or company, and consumer – is a critical link in this chain and has a role to play.

Join WWF-India’s movement towards sustainable production and consumption of forest products!



By becoming FSC certified, you can build resilient supply chains, reduce your regulatory risks, improve brand image and get access to global markets - all while helping to take care of forests around the world. Learn more about how you can help, and how FSC can help you!

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Your commitment to build a "deforestation-free supply chain" has the power to influence many players in your industry! By pledging to source raw material responsibly, you can encourage thousands of others connected to your operations. Make your brand stand out in the market with the FSC label on your products. Take the first step today to join the global business community working together to protect the world's forests.

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Your choices have the power to change production patterns and create demand for responsibly sourced forest products. Exercise your vote and help transform the global market for forest products by choosing FSC certified products. Learn what you can do to drive sustainability and protect our forests.

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